Well I’m pretty excited to announce these past couple of days with school out of the way I’ve been hard at work here and there trying to get Spherack back on its feet. I’m finally starting to get to those highly requested features that will really turn the tides of gameplay. I’ve started by upgrading the cosmetics a little bit… Rather than appearing completely flat, players and landscapes now give drop-shadows behind them to give more depth. It actually supplies for a very nice visual effect while in-game and can be turned off through the new options menu.

Yes, an actual options menu, and I mean IN-GAME options! Rather than instantly quitting the game when you hit the escape key, you’ll open up this window from which you’ll have quite a few choices I think you’ll all like. As I said, you’ll be able to adjust the in-game settings, and you’ll also be able to change your team in-game and switch weapons. New weapons! They’re coming! I’ve already got a rocket launcher made up and its filled with awesome!A variety in weaponry is sure to bring a fresh approach to gameplay as some have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Choose what works best for you and suits your interests.

There’s a lot of things to come in the future update. When it will come I can’t say, but for now stop by my new bug tracker at http://flyspray.AndrewNatoli.com to browse and submit your own feature requests and bug reports! I’d love to hear your ideas on what I should add and change, so why keep them to yourselves?

I might go about posting some screenshots from the upcoming build soon. I apologize for the lack of progress the past few months but hope you’re excited for what’s to come!