So Monday morning I woke up and something seemed very strange. It wasn’t the new bedsheets I had gotten, nor was the heat on in the middle of Summer. The strange sense was that there was no noise coming from my computer. Infact, it wasn’t even on.

Somewhere that night between 3am and 8am something went crazy-go-nuts and the motherboard fried itself. Not exactly sure what happened, but something did.

Anyway, I’ve ordered a new computer from HP… usually I’d build my own of course but I found this deal to be a real steal:

Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.3Ghz
Windows Vista Home Premium with a free upgrade to Windows 7

Plus the usual stuff HP throws in like the case, power supply, keyboard, etc. All for just  $525, I found that for quite a steal and ordered it. Of course, it won’t be here probably until next Friday or something so for now I’ve double-monitored my netbook. It’s good fun. 1024×600 on a 19 inch monitor; an 80-year-old’s dream.

Anyway, what this means for you guys right now is Spherack is completely down. You won’t be able to host or join servers because my computer is what they all use to route themselves together. I apologize; I didn’t expect this to happen until December yet it did anyway.

SOOOOO yeah. I’ll be on a netbook with two monitors for the next week or so. Leave comments here or something.