Spherack Reloaded Twitter ImageIt’s been a while since the last update regarding Spherack Online and my games as a whole, so I figure it’s about that time I let you in on what I’ve been up to.

Between school, work and music rehearsals, I’ve been working on the “Spherack Reloaded Engine.” (pending title, perhaps?) This is in short, the backbone to Spherack Online 3 but without all of the networking material that makes the game online multiplayer capable.

Instead, this is designed as a base to power single-player shooters. I still haven’t decided however, whether or not I’ll be releasing the engine to the public or keeping it private for my own use. Maybe if someone or enough people beg (ask kindly) I’ll put it out there. For now though, if you’re a follower of mine on Twitter or at least follow the Spherack Online account, you may notice I said I’ve also been working on “AI.”

That’s for you to learn about my next update here ;)

Stay posted!