At long last, an update to Spherack is finally available to get the game working again for everyone. The problem we had that knocked the game offline for a few months was the original back-end to how the server-list worked was way more advanced than we needed it to be, considering the game no longer has a chat lobby. I rolled the game back to use the original system, run through HTTP rather than connecting to a glitchy, central server. We did indeed, however, once have many problems with the old system too, but building the other one taught me ways to work around and fix these issues.

So in short, everything looks the same, acts the same, but works a little differently. Simple benefit is, you can see what servers are online and you don’t have to worry about your own servers getting booted off the list for unexplained reasons.

Lastly, because people weren’t in favor of using an installer to download the game, I’ve made it available to download only through a ZIP file. I also rewrote some of the filenames and locations for a few files, which means anyone who has a copy of the game installed already will have to remove it from their system and download this release, because it won’t be available through auto-update. To download the game, click here.