Spherack v3.2.068 is now available for download! This build features a brand new map, mp_alley, as pictured to the left. As you can probably tell, it’s built with a brand-new tileset and everything, and also is the first map to feature interactive scenery as part of my mission to make gameplay even more exciting than it already is.

Also in build 68, I’ve fixed mp_gray, which you may know for lagging or even crashing the game. This was due to an issue the game’s physics engine had with the slopes in the level, so I’ve removed them, meaning the map works once more for all!

Lastly on the list of exciting things that happened this build: I’ve updated the server’s default settings to make it easier for newer server-owners to launch their own games. The default score limit is now 20 (compared to 100) and the auto-rotation of modes and maps is also enabled by default.

So what are you waiting for? Pull a few friends aside, and grab the new version!

Click Here to Download!