I’m excited to announce that Spherack v3.2.069 is now available! This release is not only an awesome update to both the client AND server, but the launch of the new Spherack Online Homepage comes with it equipped with game information, video tutorials and more statistics! For example, you can now view who is online playing and where by checking the website rather than just judging where your friends are by a player count in the in-game server browser. Of course, I also did say this is an awesome update to the client and server, so you’re probably wondering why. Well read on to find out!

I’ve taken a bunch of popular requests and complaints in regard to the existing gameplay engine and decided to finally do something about them. A lot of the major issues were related to the free-for-all mode, mainly where you could be attacking another player and you wouldn’t get the kill credit because they’d kill themselves right in time. Well not anymore! You now get the full credit for pressuring another player to kill their character. You can also now see how many kills that player has in FFA by looking above their head!

Other players’ scores will appear next to their name as shown in the picture above. This is a response to the complaint where you would never know how close players are to each other. You let your guard down for one second thinking you’ve got a lead but then bam, “Roach has 19/20 kills!?” Woops.

I’m not going to go into full detail anymore, but here’s a list of everything that’s been changed!

Spherack Reloaded – Client Changes in Build 069

  • Fix glitch where weapons can obtain the properties of others during map changes
  • Suicides in Free-For-All now reward the last person to damage the suicidal character
  • Direct hits from the grenade launcher now instantly kill players
  • HP now regenerates slower based on how much energy your character has
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-updater on Windows 7
  • Fixed Spherack’s internal error-reporting function
  • Added visible player scores to free-for-all mode

Spherack Reloaded – Server Changes in Build 069

  • Code and graphic output optimized to reduce RAM usage by up to 60%
  • Server now displays more status information through website
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-updater in Windows 7

I hope everyone’s excited for and will try out the new build! Grab a couple friends one night and play a round!

Also, I’m holding another public online match to introduce more people to Spherack. Join us tonight, April 7th at 8pm Eastern Time. We’ll be playing on ZNet-IV. Be sure to RSVP to the Facebook event to let us know you’re coming!

Click here to go to the Download Page!